L'Officiel Philippines Annual Subscription - 4 issues

L'Officiel Philippines Annual Subscription - 4 issues

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A year-long subscription to L'Officiel Philippines, starting from the current issue*.
Your first issue comes with one (1) FREE L'Officiel Philippines scarf.

Terms and Conditions
Choosing this subscription means you are allowing L'Officiel Philippines to pre-select a cover for you with the exception of the current issue*. In months with multiple covers, you will receive one (1) pre-selected cover.
Purchasing this annual subscription means that you agree to release a prepaid amount for one (1) full year of L'Officiel Philippines issues (total of 4 issues).
Upon purchase, L’Officiel Philippines (Gentrend Group PH) will automatically process your payment. This subscription is non-cancellable and non-refundable.
Your subscription will be mailed within 1-3 weeks from issue release.
Calculated shipping includes shipment & handling fees for all issues.
Subscription address change is only permitted as long as it is within the same country & region.

*Current or most recent issue, in months with no new print releases.

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Terms & Conditions